Welcome to the Elder Scrolls Online Housing & Furniture Guide. This Housing Guide will introduce you to all the features that the housing system has to offer for you. Housing was introduced during the Homestead patch in 2017. You will find out how you can get your first home for free and how you can purchase additional homes and a lot more furnishings!

There are two possibilities, you can either complete the quest A friend in Need, once completed you will get a free room in an Inn that you can use and teleport to. The second way would be to simply purchase a home from the crown store.

If you want to find the Quest A Friend in Need, you can start the quest in 3 locations, depending on your alliance.

Aldmeri Dominion: Auridon, Vulkhel Guard, in the Vulkhel Guard Manor & Treasury

Daggerfall Covenant: Glenumbra, Daggerfall, in the Bank of Daggerfall

Ebonheart Pact: Stonefalls, Davons Watch, in the Uveran Bank

You can obtain all three different rooms, but you need to create a character for each alliance to do the quest with. Once you own the room, you can travel to it with any character. Once you claimed the room, it is truly yours, you dont have to pay any fee whatsoever, so you can do with it what you want! You can get furniture either from the crown store or from the game itself through achievements or furniture vendors.

There is no limit on how many homes you own in the Elder Scrolls Online, basically you could buy all the homes available in the game. Some of the homes are crown store exclusive though, so you might have to take some real money into your hands to really catch them all!

Crown Store: If you purchase homes in the crown store, you can either get them already furnished or empty. If you buy them furnished, you will pay extra crowns! I would recommend buying homes unfurnished, because you will have the most fun if you decorate your homes yourself!

Ingame: There are also plenty of homes available via ingame gold. They usually just come unfurnished and depending on the size you might have to throw a lot of gold on the table to acquire one.

If you want to see which homes you do own, and which ones you still need to get, you can go to the collections section ingame (default button U) and check all the homes.

There are a variety of different types of homes and they also have different requirements to acquire them. For example, the room you get for free from the A Friend in Need Quest, can hold 15 furnishings, 1 Trophy Bust and 1 Mount, Pet or Assistant. You can also purchase the other two rooms in the Inn from the other alliances for 3000 gold. All the limits in your homes double once you have an active subscription to ESO.

Apartments can range from 11k-13k gold, before you can purchase any of the apartment homes, you need to have finished the A Friend in Need quest. In these apartments you can place 50 furnishings, 1 Trophy Bust and 1 Mount, Pet or Assistant. Like before, if you have ESO Plus, these values double.

Small home prices range from 40k-70k, medium homes from 190k-335k and large homes from 760k-1295k gold. Yes, that is a lot of gold that you need to acquire ingame, especially if you are a new player. I would recommend starting slow and then work your way up there. A lot of the housing furnishings are extremely expensive, especially the good looking ones.

Small Homes: 100 furnishings, 5 Trophy Busts, and 2 Mounts, Pets or Assistants

Medium Homes: 200 furnishings, 10 Trophy Busts, and 3 Mounts, Pets or Assistants

Large Homes: 300 furnishings, 20 Trophy Busts, and 4 Mounts, Pets or Assistants

All values double if you have an active ESO Plus subscription.

Manors are another extra type of homes, they are basically the luxury category. The prices of these homes range from 3775k-3785k. You will also gain a unique achievement once you unlock the manors. In the manors you can place 350 furnishings, 40 Trophy Busts, 5 Mounts, Pets or Assistants. Like always, the value doubles with ESO Plus.

Unique Crown Store Homes can only be obtained through the Crown Store. These homes are also considered Notable Homes, therefore have the same limits as Manors. These homes are usually very expensive, a common price in the Crown Store is for example 15000 Crowns, that is about 150$ and no, this is not a typo.

You can preview all of the homes before you make your final decision. When you are previewing a home, you can walk around in the home, check out all rooms and see how big they are.

4. Housing Editor and Decoration Basics

Once you own a home, you can start decorating it, you have the housing editor for that. There are over 6000 housing items and more get introduced every new update! By pressing F5, you will get into the housing editor, right on the d-pad and circle for PlayStation 4, or right on the d-pad and B on Xbox One.

Place Tab: with this tab you can place items from your furnishing list everywhere in your house.

Purchase Tab: This is your housing crown store, basically a second crown store. Here you can purchase all kind of items, most of them can be obtained through playing the game, and some are exclusive to the store.

Retrieve Tab: Once you have placed an item, you can either pick it up again, or use the retrieve tab. This tab shows you how far the item is away, and if you want you can instantly retrieve it. This is especially helpful, when you accidentally place an item below the base structure and have no way of getting it back, unless you retrieve it through the tab.

You can also use the SEARCH field, to find your items faster.

There is a lot of ways to obtain home furnishings for Elder Scrolls Online.

Home Goods Furnisher vendors that can be found in Tamriel, in each alliance main city and all capitals. They offer fairly basic home furnishings.

Achievement Furnisher vendors give you items that are bind on pickup, therefore you cannot trade them. You can only buy the items after you have completed the required achievement for the item. The achievements can come from questing, dungeons, trials and many more things!

Luxury Furnisher vendor Zanil Theran is located in the Hollow City in Coldharbour, he only shows up on the weekend and has different items every week. You can also find the Luxury Vendor category on this housing website for ESO. Contrary to the Achievement vendor, you can actually also sell the Luxury vendor items.

Fishing is another way to obtain furnishings. You can get aquatic themed decorations from fishing. Depending in what type of water you fish, you will get different items.

Crafting also offers a lot of items, you can craft a variety of items and also sell them if you want. To craft a furnishing item, you will need a furnishing plan for the housing item you want to craft alongside materials to craft it.

Justice Activities can also give you items, when you are pickpocketing or murder someone.

Master Writs also occasionally lead to furnishing items, not directly though. At the Mastercraft Mediator you can trade in tickets for furnishing plans or items. He also has special crafting stations that you can place in your home. You can also find target skeleton crafting plans at this merchant. Rolis Hlaalu, the Mastercraft Mediator, can be found in the cities of Wayrest, Mournhold, or Elden Root, but only if you actively have a Master Writ ready to turn in, or if you have completed one before.

Purchasing items through the Crown Store is also another option that you have.

Shadowy Supplier will rarely award you with with an item themed after the Dark Broterhood.

Undaunted Busts can be placed in homes after you finished the dungeon on veteran or normal mode, for each of the mode there is a different bust.

You can set up housing permissions for all your homes in Elder Scrolls Online. Why is it necessary to set up permissions for my home in ESO? Because your friends can join and check out your decorated homes! And you can choose to give them permissions to modify the placement of items, let them turn on/off the lights and many more things. And there is always that one friend that will troll you and the next time you enter your home, it will look nothing like it did before!

To access the permission tab, open the Home Editor and go to the settings tab, now from there you have several options on how to adjust your settings. You can even ban specific individuals that you do not want to have access to your home, or you can make it completely private, so nobody can enter.

Furnishing Crafting allows you to craft furniture to place in your home, or to sell to other players for a profit. Furnishing Crafting is an extension of the six primary trade skills: Blacksmithing, Clothier, Woodworking, Enchanting, Alchemy, Provisioning and Jewelry Crafting.

You dont actually need to own a home to craft furnishings and some furnishings can be made with the most fundamental skills so its easy to get started.

You can craft furnishings at any crafting station. When used, youll find a new tab for Furnishing plans related to that stations trade-skill.

Much as with conventional food recipes, furnishing plans can be found stashed in buildings, backpacks, or within pockets of NPCs throughout the world. Occasionally, you can even find some in ruins or dungeons. If youre stealing furnishing plans, though, try not to get caught! ESO-Housing does list up the location of the items including plans.

In addition to various conventional materials, like style materials such as Adamantite, Manganese, or Nickel, and tiering materials, such as Dreugh Wax or Dwarven Oil, furnishers use new materials that have no level associated with them.

Help us complete the full housing item list by submitting images and locations of items. There are thousands of housing items, the help of the community is appreciated!

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