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Featuring Three Standout, Distinct Multiplayer Experiences with All-Out Warfare, Battlefield Hazard Zone and Battlefield Portal

Electronic Arts Inc. has launched the highly-anticipated first-person shooter,Battlefield™ 2042. Powered by groundbreaking technology through the use of the Frostbite game engine, Battlefield 2042 features up to 128 player matches on the latest consoles* and PCs. The game introduces epic maps, a dynamic world and signals a return to modern settings which opens up the immersive sandbox gameplay through vehicles, weapons and more. Battlefield 2042 has been hailed by EGM as a true evolution for the series, IGN lauded the games impressively huge and gorgeously detailed maps, while Game Informer described the title as an easy recommendation.

Battlefield 2042 places players in a near-future, all-out war experience where resources are limited and the world powers of the United States and Russia are in conflict, while refugees from collapsed nations known as the Non-Patriated (No-Pats) struggle for survival. The game features the franchises signature Levolution, as well as dynamic storms and environmental hazards, that create an added layer of action that alters the battlefield and tactical combat.

The PC version of the game is available throughOrigin, theEpic Games Store, orSteam.

For more information about Battlefield 2042, visit the gameswebsite.

A free update to celebrate the kick off of the upcoming year of new content

With Operation: Warlords release today, escort or assassinate a VIP in the exciting new game mode Ambush. Race from cover to cover through tight alleyways in the new map Gap. Show off on the battlefield with brand new cosmetics and master the P90 and Vector to take down enemies with style.

and a wealth of premium new cosmetics to choose from

In addition to free weapons and cosmetics, the new Praetorian Set Bundle has been released, including four Warlord themed gear and weapon skin sets. These premium cosmetics are the first step for Year 2 content withinInsurgency: Sandstorm. Owners of the Gold Edition or the Year 2 Pass can download them for free.

The free Operation: Warlord Update is now available on PC and coming soon to surgency: Sandstorm, along with its Deluxe and Gold Editions, are available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. In addition,Steamplayers can enjoy up to 50% off, while Xbox Gold Members get 15% off for a limited time.

Watch the Insurgency: Sandstorm Operation Warlord Update TrailerHERE.

Visit the official Insurgency: Sandstormwebsitefor more game information.

The next round of deadly fighter aircraft have landed for ACE COMBAT pilots in the Americas in the form of ACE COMBAT 7: Skies Unknowns Cutting-Edge Aircraft DLC package. This latest deployment of advance aerial combat aircraft are available for download now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PCs via STEAM® and will include:

F/A-18F Super Hornet Block III (The Boeing Company)

F-2A -Super Kai- (Lockheed Martin Corporation)

MiG-35D Super Fulcrum (Joint-Stock Company Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG)

*Special skins and weapons included for each aircraft

Additionally, this latest DLC package will include:

13 ACE COMBAT skins for rival and main character units from past ACE COMBAT games, featuring:

Four types of Nuggets emblems to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the series

Four types of emblem from AIR COMBAT 22

Two types of design emblems from other series titles

Now, strap yourself in and head to the following link to see todays latestACE COMBAT 7: Skies UnknownCutting-Edge Aircraft DLC trailerHERE.

Have a safe flight and happy hunting!

To find out more about ACE COMBAT 7: Skies Unknown, head over to the gamesofficial websiteor viaSteam.

Decisive Campaigns: Ardennes Offensive, the fourth wargame in the Decisive Campaigns series, is now available exclusively onMatrix Games store. Covering the battles in the Ardennes between December 1944 and January 1945, it brings to life Operational wargaming by lowering the scale to just above tactical level.

DC: Ardennes Offensive is a classic wargame with an exceptional level of detail where the main unit of maneuver is the battalion. The game comes with a huge, full campaign scenario lasting over 16 days and several smaller scenarios focusing on several days of combat on specific parts of the front (like St. Vith and Bastogne).

Players will be able to play the whole Ardennes campaign on a 1 Km/hex map with battalion-sized Units at their command. Each day is divided into four turns, including a night turn. Decisive Campaigns: Ardennes Offensive comes with dozens of additions, changes, and improvements designed to fit its scale and to bring innovation to the series. The result is an extremely immersive operational wargame where, more than ever, intelligent tactics can beat the odds.

For more game information please visit the Decisive Campaigns: Ardennes Offensivewebpage.

AMDhas released the latest version ofRadeon Software.Version 21.11.3beta comes with optimization for Microsoft Flight Simulator: GOTY Edition, and Farming Simulator 22. Additional extensions of the Vulkan API are added. The drivers also fix driver-timeouts or game crashes noticed with Battlefield 2042 on graphics cards such as the RX 6900 XT. Stuttering or poor performance with DayZ on RX 5700 XT was fixed. Also fixed is elevated disk usage by the Multimedia Athena dumps folder.

TheRadeon Software Adrenalin 21.11.3drivers are available online at theAMD driver download page.

Matrix Games have announced thatCombat Mission Cold Warhas been released.

Take command of either US or Soviet tactical formations, centering on the Company Team or Battalion Task Force between 1979 to 1982.

Combat Mission Cold War is set in the tipping-point years of a conflict that gripped the world for 45 years.

Between 1979-1982, both the NATO and Soviet Warsaw Pact militaries began the shift away from industrialized warfare of the early 20th century and towards the modern digital battlefield of today.

Combat Mission Cold War simulates several what if conflict scenarios between US and Soviet forces centered on the strategic Fulda Gap and environs in West Germany.

15 standalone scenarios set in the US V and VII Corp sectors of West Germany and 3 full length campaigns:

The NTC Campaign: Puts you in command of a US Army Company Team as it begins its rotation and trial by simulated fire against the premier Soviet style formation in the world.

The US West German Campaign: Set in the southern Fulda Strategic Corridor between Fulda and Hanau (there are two versions of the US Campaign, 1982 and 1979 to allow players the opportunity to see and compare the differences in equipment between the two periods).

The Soviet Campaign: Set north and east of Fulda, the Soviet Campaign follows the Ride of the 120th Motor Rifle Regt on the opening 48 hours of a fictional what if West German invasion.

Watch the Combat Mission Cold War release trailerHERE.

Battlefront and Slitherine join forces to deliver the worlds most accurate cold war simulator toSteamand theMatrix Games store.

Stalingradis now available for Windows and macOSon Steamas new DLC forUnity of Command II, the World War II strategy game. This gives players the chance to do battle on the eastern front, fighting the enemy, the elements, and starvation. Heres what to expect:

After staving off the Soviet winter counteroffensive of 1941/42, the German Wehrmacht reclaims the initiative the following summer. Concentrating their forces in the south, the Germans once again slice through Soviet lines, aiming for the oilfields of the Caucasus and the industrial city of Stalingrad. But the Red Army has learned much from past failures and prepares to strike back in an overwhelming fashion.

In this DLC, you will command the multinational Army Group South in its bid to deliver a crippling blow to the Soviet war machine, while securing oil for Germanys ongoing conquests.

AMDhas releasedRadeon Software Adrenalin 21.11.2drivers, which come just in time for the Early Access release of Battlefield 2042 later today. The games general release is slated for November 19. Tested at 4K UHD with Ultra settings, the new drivers up to 14% higher performance over previous drivers for the RX 6900 XT, up to 15% higher performance for the RX 6800 XT, and up to 11% higher for the RX 6700 XT. The company did not put out any bug-fixes with this release.

TheRadeon Software Adrenalin 21.11.2drivers are available online at theAMD driver download page.

NVIDIAhas released the latest version ofGeForce Game Readysoftware.Version 496.76 WHQLcomes with optimization for Battlefield 2042, including support for DLSS and Reflex. The drivers also enable DLSS support for Assetto Corsa Competizione, Bright Memory: Infinite, Farming Simulator 22, Hot Wheels Unleashed, and Myth of Empires. Also released with these drivers is official support for NVIDIA Image Scaling.

Among the issues fixed are a game crash at launch with WRC 9 FIA World Rally Championship, a texture flickering bug with Ghost Recon Breakpoint, a crash-to-desktop at launch with Transport Fever, a null pointer error with Transport Fever 2, over blooming with Quake II RTX, a game crash with FarCry 6 in DirectX 12 mode with RTX 3070 Ti, random freezes with Detroit: Become Human, a TDR crash with Red Dead Redemption 2, and random crashes with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

You can download theGeForce 496.76 WHQL Game Readydrivers .

Check out these latest hardware announcements for today from around the web. Also included are some hardware news bits, and on some days, a few rumors tossed in for good measure. Click on the links below to read the official press release, visit the products web page, or to an independent news source.

HyperX Launches Cloud Core Wireless Gaming Headset with DTS Headphone:X

Team Group T-FORCE DELTA RGB DDR5 and VULCAN DDR5 are Released to the Global Market

In Win Announces DIY Series CasesAIRFORCE (ATX) and EXPLORER (Mini-ITX)

Alphacool Introduces the Eisbaer LT240 and LT360 Aurora AIO CPU Coolers with Digital RGB Lighting

ASUS Intros ROG Thor 1000W Platinum II Power Supply, Focus on Low Noise

BIOSTAR Announces RACING Z690GTA Motherboard

EK Launches Free LGA 1700 Upgrade Kit for EK-AIO Products

CRYORIG Announces LGA 1700 Mounting Socket Support

Antec Unveils its Dark Phantom DP31 Micro-ATX Chassis

EVGA Announces X570 FTW WiFi Motherboard

KLEVV Launches DDR5 Memory for Home and Gaming PCs With Intel Alder Lake Compatibility

Noctua Introduces NH-L9i Low-profile CPU Coolers for LGA1700 and NA-FD1 Fan Duct

SilverStone HELA 2050 Power Supply is Hella Powerful, Hella Compact

Assassins Creed Birth of a New World The American Saga

Assault Squad 2: Men of War Origins

Buzz Aldrins Space Program Manager

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

Campaign Series: Middle East 1948 1985

Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy

Command & Conquer Remastered Collection

Command LIVE: Old Grudges Never Die

Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations

Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault

Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces

Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies

DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range Map

Decisive Campaigns: Ardennes Offensive

Decisive Campaigns: The Blitzkrieg from Warsaw to Paris

Fighter Royale Last Ace Flying

Flashpoint Campaigns: Germany Reforged

Gary Grigsbys Eagle Day to Bombing of the Reich

Gary Grigsbys War in the West 1943-45

Germany At War: Operation Barbarossa 1941

IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad

IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz Edition

IL-2 Sturmovik: Desert Wings Tobruk

Men of War: Assault Squad 2 Cold War

Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis

Strategic Command Classic: World War I

Strategic Command WW1 Breakthrough!

Strategic Command WW2: Global Conflict

Strategic Command WWII: War in Europe

Strategic Command WWII: World at War

Tom Clancys Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Quarantine

Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia

Total War: SHOGUN II Fall of the Samurai

War in the Pacific: Admirals Edition

Insurgency: Sandstorms Next Major Content Update is Available Now on Steam

New Cutting-Edge Aircraft DLC Package Lands Today for ACE COMBAT 7: Skies Unknown

Decisive Campaigns: Ardennes Offensive is Now Available

AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin 21.11.3 Released

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