It is our goal to make your online shopping fohealthy

We are constantly searching for and adding new product to provide you with a complete dietary source and you can be assured that we will always keep cost and value in mind when selecting our new product.

It is our goal to make your online shopping for healthy, nutritious food and food gifts for your family as safe, secure, and friendly as possible.

Barry Farm is in the process of producing a new line of Freeze Dried foods with with a shelf life of up to 25 years. The difference for us is that we are packaging them in single serving sizes. These items can be eaten as a crunchy snack, added to soups and stews, or reconstituted in the pouch and eaten that way. These single serving sizes allow you to pull what you want from a long term storage for a meal and not have to open a 10 can to get one or two servings and losing the rest of the can to moisture before getting it all used. Great for hiking and camping as well. Just add water, hot or cold. It is our aim to pack items that many of the other freeze dryers are not producing.The Freeze Dried food page is now live and many items are now available for purchase. Quantities are somewhat limited at this time and we will be adding new items as they become available. We are also open to suggestions for product that you would like to see in a freeze dried form.Click here to go directly to the Freeze Dried page. At least a dozen new items added today.

As you all know shipping costs are rising with the cost of fuel. This is true for UPS and The US Postal Service which has just raised their rates again. We would like to encourage each of our shoppers to review their orders and try to order as many items as possible in one order so as to reduce the costs per pound of your delivered items.Remember that thefirstpound is the most expensive.

Rest assured that we will try our best to ship using the most economical method possible. Using flat rate envelopes and boxes where possible and passing that savings back to you as a refund on those orders.

Please be sure to give us an address that is acceptable to both the Post Office and UPS. Do your part to try to help us saveYOUmoney.

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