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Switch Energy Supplier 5 Simple Steps

Switch Energy Supplier 5 Simple Steps

The 5 easy steps to getting a cheaper energy deal

There is a myth about the gas and electricity market, when it comes to finding better energy prices. This myth is the common, yet understandable, misconception thatswitching energysupplier is an arduous task lined with pitfalls and headaches. This is actually far from the truth . In this 5 step guide we will talk you through the entire process and, by the end, you will have saved money.

Its quick, easy and best of all its free. Start now and find out how you could be paying less for yourgas and electricity.

You wont need much to start saving. All it takes is your address, your most recentenergy billand your yearly energy consumption. Your yearly consumption will be present on your annual energy statement . However, if you dont have access to this, then not to worry, we can estimate an average with a small amount of information on your household and inhabitants.

Compareenergy suppliers and save money in five minutes!

Will my gas or electricity by cut off whilst the change takes place?

How long does it take for the switch to take place?

Will there be an overlap in billing?

Well need to know your location as this will affect the prices available to you.

Next we want to know a bit about your currentenergy plan. This allows us to ensure that we can find you a better deal than the one that your currently on.

Our short questionnaire will talk you through what we need to know. This wont take longer than five minutes.

If you dont have your current energy usage available to you at this moment in time, then we can work it out for you based on your household information.

Next well need you to tell us what type of plan you want us to find for you. Everyones needs are different and its important that we know roughly what it is youre looking for. This allows us to make sure that the results we find are relevant to you.

Here comes the fun part. Well show you a list ofgasandelectricitysuppliers that can offer you a better deal than the one that youre already on. You choose the one that looks most right for you.

Well show you all of the plans details, such as specific rates and the length of the plan. Well also show you the consumer feedback on each of the plans, so you can find out about the experiences that previous customers have had with each company.

Once youve decided which plan you want to save money with, all thats left to do is confirm your choice. Well take a few of your details and pass them on to your new provider. Theres no need to contact your old supplier as your new supplier will take care of that for you.

However there are two things that you definitely should do.

Take ameter readingon the day that youswitch energy.

Make sure that you have cancelled anydirect debits, otherwise you will continue being charged by your old provider.

And thats all! Congratulations, youre now paying less for your gas and electricity.

Even though youve finished switching, were still here to answer any questions you may have. Here are some that are frequently asked:

This wont happen at any point. Allenergy suppliersuse the same cables and pipelines. This means that you wont have to have any new infrastructure laid in or any workmen visiting your house.

There will be no changes to your gas and electricity supply. You will be paying less and to a different company. Everything else stays the same.

Confirming yourenergy switchtakes 5 minutes, however the actual changeover process takes 17 days. The twoenergy supplierswill arrange a date between themselves and will inform you of when the change will happen. It cannot be overstated that throughout this time your energy supply will not change.

Yes. Youll receive a joining pack and a message from your new provider. This letter will confirm the new plan that youve entered onto. Your old provider may decide to contact you, the only information that youre required to give them is your lastmeter readingfrom the day you confirmed that you were going toswitch energydeal.

No. The two suppliers will have communicated with each other about the date of theenergy switchover so theres no chance of you being charged twice. The only way that you will end up paying bothenergy suppliersis if you havent cancelled anydirect debitsthat you may have set up with them.

There is a two week period after you change over that is referred to as a cooling off period . If you wish to cancel yourenergy switchwithin this time you simply contact the new supplier and let them know.

You can change your energy provider every 28 days. It is important to note that many gas and electricity companies have charges that apply to people who terminate their contract early. We advise that you keep updated by checking the new deals available to you about twice a year. Also remember that if youre on afixed rate deal, youll want to make sure that you are aware of when the deal finishes so that you can know what deals will be available to you.

Yes. It is important to shop around on the energy market, just as you would in any other market. This allows you to view the competing offers and allows you to be aware ofsmaller suppliersthat may not be as well known.

Ofgem, the regulator of the gas and electricity markets in the UK, introduced the phrase energy shopper. This describes the way that they think people are most likely to get the best deals in the market by shopping around for deals.

Just enter your postcode to find a cheaper deal today.

your energy bills and save up to 350* in five minutes!

Avro Energy Collapsed Owing 90m to Customers

Large Suppliers See Best Switching Month in Eight Years

Neon Reef and Social Energy Supply Collapse, Affecting 35,000 Households

Simply Switch can help you save money on all your household bills. We compare gas, electricity, home phones, mobile phones, broadband, mortgages and more.

Simply Switch is fully accredited to the Ofgem Confidence Code to compare energy for domestic consumers.

* The 350 saving was calculated as an average of individual household savings achieved by a minimum of 10% of all our customers who switched their dual fuel supply in 2019.

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Compare Broadband Phone Deals

Compare Broadband, Phone TV Deals

Compare Fibre Optic Broadband Phone Deals

Avro Energy Collapsed Owing 90m to Customers

Large Suppliers See Best Switching Month in Eight Years

Neon Reef and Social Energy Supply Collapse, Affecting 35,000 Households

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